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Montana Silversmiths Dale Brisby Rodeo Blues Buckle

There's no way anyone could have the blues while wearing the Dale Brisby Rodeo Blues Attitude Buckle.  This buckle has a design that looks like a neon sign stating: "Rodeo Blues" with a cowboy hat on the corner.  In addition, "Dale Brisby" is written above the sign and "USA" and "Texas" are also included.  The whole buckle is bordered by copper antiqued rope, with a backdrop of the same color.  The image and text on the buckle are buffed and shiny.  Standard 1.5 inch swivel.

  • Materials: Gunmetal and copper over a white metal alloy
  • Height: 3.04"
  • Width: 3.90"
  • Length: 1.0"


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