Shoe Cream - 27

Fiebing's Boot & Shoe Creme Polish - Medium Brown (27)

Fiebing's Boot Cream is a unique wax blend that is rich in natural waxes. Fiebing's Boot Cream conditions, recolors, and polishes finished, grained, and smooth leather shoes and boots. Fiebing's Boot Cream is excellent for covering scuffs and scrapes. Fiebing's Boot Cream buffs to a high gloss. Fiebing's Boot Cream is available in 16 colors and comes in a 2.5 glass jar.

Directions to use Fiebing's Boot Cream Polish remove all surface dirt from shoes or boots. Then apply an even coat of Fiebing's Boot Cream Polish with a soft cloth or applicator brush. Let dry and then buff lightly with a soft cloth for the desired luster.

  • Color - Medium Brown
  • Size - 2.25 Oz


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