Montana Silversmiths


Montana Silversmith Wind Dancer Feather Barrette

Life is a beautiful journey and what better way to remind yourself of that than with a barrette with a design of three slender feathers arching across from one side of the long oval to another. A thin vein of soft rose gold finish trails down the center of each feather. The bottom shaft of each feather has a design like it was wrapped with a fine silver ribbon. Bright rose gold finished filigree flows down each end of the oval with a smooth edge of silver finish closing off the design. Hand-painting accentuates multiple design facets with different levels of antiquing, from deepest black to emphasizing the lightest design detail. Barrette fastens with a clip.

Materials:  99.9% fine silver and 18 Karat rose gold plate over a brass base. Paint. Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish.


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