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Legend Fragrances John Wayne Duke Cologne

John Wayne is an American icon. His strength, courage, and honor are recognized both on screen and in real life. Whether portraying American heroes, raising a family, or fighting for those in need, his grit and determination represent all that is best in a man.

Legend Fragrances is proud to work with John Wayne Enterprises to capture the timeless essence of these qualities in a new fragrance, John Wayne: Duke. This warm, confident cologne allows men everywhere to embrace the spirit of adventure and style embodied by The Duke. John Wayne: Duke cologne, because…

Real Men Never Go Out of Style

John Wayne: Duke cologne combines the musk of campfire smoke and leather with the spice of cloves and fresh cedar in an aromatic scent that calls forth the untamed spirit of the American West and the grit and determination of the real men who rode its plains.



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